Compassion Experience Coming to Resurrection

Have you ever wondered what the life of your sponsored child is like?  Have you also wondered how your sponsorship has affected the life of that child?  You can visit your child but some of you may have found that experience out of reach either because of the cost or the difficulty of foreign travel for you.  However, this spring you will have an opportunity to see the answer to those questions–not for your specific child but for a child living in similar circumstances.

The Compassion Experience is an interactive exhibit which allows each visitor to enter virtually into the life of a child living in extreme poverty.  This exhibit, carried by two large semi-trailers, will arrive at Church of the Resurrection the first week in April.  The lives of 3 children are portrayed in the exhibit which each visitor can access with an ipod as he or she moves through the exhibit.  You may experience the life of just one child or, if time permits, you can experience the lives of all three.

The Experience will be open for tours by individuals or groups so if your small group is interested in poverty, they may want to sign up as a group to come.  There are lessons suitable for small groups, Sunday School classes of all ages, and family activities which correlate with the Experience.  If you are interested in any of those lessons, your small group leaders will be advised about how to access them.

You will be alerted by announcements in the church bulletins as well as e-mails when the links on the website will be posted for you to reserve a time to visit.  There is, of course, no admission charge.  This event will be publicized to the Kansas City Metro area so feel free to invite friends in other churches or your unchurched friends who share your interest in children living in poverty.

This event will coincide with Compassion Weekend as well as a special concert by our Youth Orchestra and Youth Handbells when they will share what Compassion International means to them.  Please pray for a successful week as we work to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Jane, December 18, 2012


New LDP Student Letter Received on October 10. 2012

First of all, may God’s love, peace, and happiness be with your family and members at your church forever.  Sewasdee Kha. Hello.  How are you doing? How is Garry’s operation condition?  Is he getting better now?  As for me and family, everyone is doing well.  I am delighted to know that you and your friends at the United Methodist Church are my sponsors and blessings from God.  Would you tell me how the weather in America is right now?  As for Thailand, it rains a lot, but sometimes it is hot.  Well, I would like to tell you to hear about the story I have experienced during the past vacation.

During the past vacation, I was very happy and had so much fun.  I returned home to help father and mother to work.  I went to the farm and was very tired breaking the corn.  It was very hot, but I had fun because I was accompanied by many friends.  It is a pity we did not earn much money from the corn during the past vacation; we lose a lot, but, thank God very much that my father does God’s work because on Fridays and Saturdays my father goes up to Nu Go Ka village where he is serving God.  Right now people who have returned to serve God are increasing.  We ought to thank God so much because God has changed so many things in this village where younger people are stronger in their faith just the same as members of the church.  And I also have the opportunity to teach what I have learned to the children at the church, too.  From Monday to Friday I teach English to the children who do not have any basic knowledge at all.  I already went to teach for a month and the children could begin to read and write.  And now the teacher there wanted me to teach the children again.  It is because God’s love and mercy that God gave me and I used them for the benefit of myself and other people.

And not many months in the past which was prior to the opening of the new semester, I went to the LDP camp.  I had great fun and I was delighted I met my friends, my seniors and younger students.  I am very happy for being part of this family.  Before I came to the camp., I had an experience and I would like to share this testimony with you; that is, on Sunday before I went to Chiangmai and it was the Family Day of my church and my father did not want me to go, but I needed to go to the camp and so I went down to Mae Sod very late at night and there was not any transport to go to Tak province at all.  I ought to thank God that God provided a van that was about to go to Tak, so I got in the van.  By the time I arrive in Tak, there was the last bus to Chiangmai with the last seat, and many people wanted to go to Chiangmai as well, so, I rushed to buy a ticket before them, and I could go.  I gave many thanks to God at that moment if God was not with me and if I did not pray to God I might have to go the next morning and it would be too late to take a photo.  And I went by bus and arrived in Chiangmai safely.  I think that God guided me and God is always in time.  This is my testimony and my experience that I would like you to know.  When I arrived at the camp I met with our seniors, younger students, and friends I was delighted.  Each friend was much more beautiful and handsome.  And this camp was very enjoyable and I was very happy.  And the program on the last day of the camp was a graduation ceremony of the 7th LDP students.  I saw that each senior was very happy and the parents of the seniors were very happy, too.  A smile, every smile of the seniors meant a pride of their success.  It was a  great encouragement that strengthened me to step forward in order to make a success like this.

By the way, I would like to know if or how often your church has organized a camp or activity for members.  And how many members are there in your church?  As for my church we have a lot of members and the church organized activities for the members very often so that everyone will build a good relationship to each other and sing together as well.  I have the opportunity to take part in the 2nd LDP camp which is the project of Tak zone.  This camp was aimed at planting the leadership consciousness in younger students and the natural conservation awareness for the younger people to see the value of the nature God has created for all of us.  Do you have a camp like this in your church?

By the way, I am going to tell you a story about the new semester.  Right now I have moved out to stay with my elder sister who is my relatives in a rented townhouse.  It is not very expensive, but a nice place to stay.  Every day the two of us will worship God together every day, and every Wednesday we go to a cell group at my elder brother’s house.  On Thursday I go to study the Bible with my mentor; and every Saturday I go to help teach younger people with the curriculum the LDP provided.  Those young people are the grown up students in the TH-940 project and I help the mentor to teach them.  In addition, I need to meet with my stepsister on Saturdays.  She is a nice and lovely girl of good behavior.  I always encouraged her and tried to keep her closer to God and to remain in the Lord even more.  We were very close and could talk to each other in all topics.  And from Mondays through Fridays I go to learn at the university with my friend who comes to pick me up because I have not had a transport.  My friend will come every day and very early in the morning; sometimes she already arrived at my house, but I have not finished taking a bath.  However, I ought to thank God for a nice friend God gave me.

And in the past two months, the university organized an English camp for us in the campus.  It was great fun.  We have gained much knowledge in the language, games, and we have studied about the ASEAN by divided into groups and each group had presented the countries they were in charge and all groups could do very well.  We came to the 2nd camp.  And every Thursday afternoon I and my friends gather together in a cell group, for we came to encourage each other, to worship God together, sing together, and pray for each other.  This year we have 2 more people; they included one 1st year student and a person who has not known God.  I think God has directed them and God has planned for everything in our lives.  And for my cognitive outcome in the past, the average grade I got was 2.53 which I was not proud of at all.  And I am sorry I promise to do better than this next time and I will pay much more actively attention to my study and depend on God even more and more than this.  Please pray to the Lord for my study and my serving life, too.

And I like to extend my thankfulness to the LDP or the Leadership Development Program that has actively supported me in terms of my study and my serving life as well as provided the LDP curriculum for me to learn which enabled me to share what I have learned with younger students in the project and friends in cell groups.

Finally, God bless you and your church with both externally and spiritually growth.  And please give my regards to Declan and Connor, too.

Love in Christ,

Miss Thiraporn Takham

Translated by Wiyada Jaroenkhan

Posted by Jane on December 2, 2012

As an added note, if you would like to contribute to the education of this outstanding young lady, please send a message at and you will be provided with the necessary form to do that.  Your prayers for her are always welcome.




Pictures/ Q & A

Our guest speaker this year was Compassion LDP graduate Godfrey Misheo who grew up in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya.

Godfrey Misheo

The evening also included information about letter writing, visiting your sponsored child, selecting free ready-made gifts or an opportunity to make a gift to send to your sponsored child. Another well received part of the evening was the Advocate Question and Answer panel, Godfrey and the Advocates answered questions from child sponsor and guests.

Godfrey and the Advocate Q and A Panel

Clarification was needed from Compassion on a couple the questions:

Q. Do online letters get to my sponsored child faster than letters sent through regular mail?

A. No.  Compassion software was recently re-designed to provide themed paper, color, and the ability to add photo’s to your letters. Local countries do not have equipment to print in color, all online letters go to the Compassion office in Colorado Springs where they are printed and placed in the same box as snail mail letters to be collected and shipped in bulk to the various counties. Of course online letters are received at the click of a button where snail mail takes a few days before they are received.

Q. Should I send a family gift (up to $1000) all at one time or break it up through-out the year?

A. It’s up to you. Compassion really has no guidelines. They did say sending extra money monthly is not recommended as families can becomes dependent or the money.  Personally, I send money in 2 or 3 increments throughout the year. The only time I would send a large amount in full would be if I knew the family had experienced a catastrophe i.e. hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, etc.

There were a number of questions about letter writing which is one of the most important gifts you can give to your child. To learn more go to Compassion’s FAQ at You can also join the Compassion Blog  for more information.

More pictures from the event.

Another LDP Student Letter

8 April 2012

Dear Tracy Family,

First of all, may God’s love and peace be with you and your family. I am very glad to write you again. I have many things to tell you. How are you and your family? My family and I are doing well. How is the weather in your country? In Thailand, the weather is very hot. The Thai New Year or the Songkran Festival is coming soon. Concerning this festival, we always pay respect to the adults by pouring water on their hands and they will give us the blessings and we always splash water to people. There is the Songkran Festival annually in Thailand on April 13-15. The foreigners are very interested in this festival. Have you and your family ever joined the Songkran Festival in Thailand? Do you like it?

In my village, the villagers are starting to harvest the corn fields. I help my parents harvest our corn fields every day. The weather is very hot but it is fun because a lot of friends are working in the same area. This year, the corns are not really fruitful because there is not enough water. However, some of the corns are good. In March, I did not stay at home because I had to do the special activity up on a mountain. I taught Eglish for the children. The children over there were very cute. They paid attention to the study. Some of them were very stubborn as the children’s nature. I taught them the English alphabets; A-Z and the easy vocabularies because the children did not have the good basic knowledge in English. Normally, the children cannot study English over there. They mostly study other main subjects because there are not enough teachers. I taught them for 3 weeks. Then, I closed the session because I was the church’s representative in attending the choir competition in Umpang District. I was very glad. Actually, I love to sing songs and I also love the choir. Do you like to listen to the choir? On the competition day, I was very excited. Before I walked up on a stage, my 3 friends and I prayed. The competition result was good because our team got the second prize. We were very glad. I was very glad that I sang with all my strength and I could utterly use the gift that God gives me. The people in Umpang District were very lovely. I went to the neighbor country as well because the village that I went was very close to the neighbor country. The weather was very hot but it was fun. I went there for 1 week. After that, I went to the same mountain to teach the children again. I taught the Sunday school for children as well. On Saturday in the evening, I taught the worship songs for the youth group. Let me send my thankfulness to the LDP family for the opportunity to develop my occupational skills.

Concerning my study, some teachers have not announced the grade yet. I am very sad that the GPA is not really good as I expected. By now, the GPA is 2.53.1 have tried to study but I think that it is not enough. I am not discouraged. Some friends got less GPA so they have moved to study at other universities and some of them have been transferred to study at another faculty. I will try to study the best in this following year. I will study the best and I will pay full attention to the study. I will practice harder. Importantly, I will pray and lean on God more than ever. I will ask for the wisdom from God. Please kindly pray for my study and my serving works. At church, I help the church staffs teach the Sunday school for the children when they are not free. I encourage my mentee about God.

On April 30, there will be the LDP camp. I am very glad because I will meet the LDP friends, seniors and juniors. We will do activities together, study the Bible together and encourage each other. I am very glad. The LDP family is the family that gives us the opportunities. LDP is good. May God bless you, your family, your work and your health.

Love in Christ,

Thiraporn Takham

Upcoming Summer Event

The annual Compassion Summer Event is fast approaching and this year our guest speaker will be Compassion Leadership Development Program Student (LDP) graduate Godfrey Miheso from Kenya. Learn more about Godfrey from his bio at

Resurrection’s Compassion Advocates are hosting the event on

Monday June 18
United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
13720 Roe Avenue – Leawood Campus
West Bldg. – Room 2209

Register Online

Featured Guest Speaker Godfrey Miheso from Kenya
Compassion Leadership Development Program (LDP) graduate

Hear from the sponsor of LDP student Thiraporn Takam
Listen to the benefits of visiting and writing to your sponsored child
Learn how to make a gift to mail to your sponsored child or select a ready-made gift and MORE….

 The Event is open to sponsors their family, friends, and anyone who would like to learn about Compassion at Resurrection.


Summer Event

The Compassion Advocates are preparing for the upcoming Compassion Summer Event on June 18, 7pm – 8:30pm in Rm 2209 at Leawood. We are looking forward to meeting this year’s new child sponsors and seeing our returning sponsors.  Make plans to come and join the fun –  Register Online

Advocates Wanted

If you are a Compassion child sponsor and would like to become more deeply involved, joining the Compassion Advocate Team may be the answer for you. Advocates are needed at all campuses, there is specific need at RezWest, RezDowntown, and Rez Blues Springs. We would very much like to see representatives from each of our 4 campuses join us in this ministry. Rarely would travel to meetings be required as meetings are handled via a Compassion provided telephone conference line. To learn more about becoming a Compassion Child Advocate see the Advocate Position Description at If this sounds like the ministry for you, click Join the Network under Volunteer Opportunities in the navigation bar on the left of the screen and complete the application form. If you still have questions or would like to talk with someone contact Shirley Greenlee at or 913-432-7093.

Did you know?

You can send extra money to your sponsored child and their family:

  • $10 to $100 per year to your sponsored child (Compassion asks that sponsors limit their gift giving to twice a year)
  • Up to $100 for your sponsored child’s birthday
  • $25 to $1000 per year to your sponsored child’s family (One hundred percent of all family gift amounts go to the child’s family – The child development center staff will work closely with the family to determine the greatest need and purchase items accordingly.)

   Please pray for your sponsored child and write letters of encouragement to them

Compassion Events/Thank You

Coming – Compassion Annual Summer Event

The Compassion Advocate Team at Resurrection will be hosting the:

Compassion Annual Summer Event
June 18
7pm – 8:30pm
Leawood West Building
Room 2209
Register Online

Compassion Weekend

On Compassion Weekend we were blessed to have 122 children sponsored. Child sponsors came from the various services at all four Resurrection locations throughout the weekend.  The Advocate team “thanks” our new sponsors for touching the lives of children living in poverty. We welcome our new sponsors into our growing number of child sponsors. To all sponsors please remember to write your child, to them a letter from you is equally as important as your monthly monetary commitment.  Letter writing can now be done through your Compassion online account in addition to the Compassion provided stationary. Pictures from the weekend.

Thank You Letter

The Tracy Family “Thanks” all donors for their financial help in support of LDP college student Thiraporn Takham.

Dear LDP Donors,

Thank you so much for joining us in supporting Thiraporn.  I am very excited that we will be able to continuing sponsoring Thiraporn, in partnership with, Christians like yourself, who are dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Thiraporn lives in the poor rural northern area of Thailand.  Most of its inhabitants live on farms or in small villages. By supporting Thiraporn through Compassion we are raising a young Christian, from poverty, to be a leader of our faith in an area that desperately needs the Christian leadership she will provide.

Over the last twelve years we have watched her grow from a little girl going to elementary school, into a young woman, a worship leader, now receiving a college education.  She is serving in her local church by evangelizing, using her musical gifts to teach worship songs, and teaching the scriptures to people who do not know Jesus Christ. Through her leadership more people are accepting Jesus Christ.

Thank you for joining us and watching her reach her full potential, as a leader, in her journey in Christ.

In Christ’s love,

Carmen and Gary Tracy 

LDP Student Letters

February 5, 2012

Dear Tracy Family,

Hello, how are you and your family? My family and I including my friends and staffs here at our dormitory are doing well. I’m glad to write you this letter. It’s almost close to the final examination. It will be start on February 16, I’m so thankful for God who has given me wisdom to pass all subjects last semester. And I am so thankful for sponsorship to me. Moreover, I am so thankful for the birthday gift of 766.18 THB and the general gift of 1707.59 THB. I already gave tithe to God because it was His grace through you for me. This blessing from God. Then I spent it on buying two Dictionaries, 960 THB.  And I keep the rest of money for the future and I also save some money just in case of emergency. I think it’s good to save money for the future necessary things. Thank you once again for your giving heart to me. I don’t have anything to give back to you except I will be good girl. I will study hard and serve God with courage.

During the school vacation, I will be an intern teacher at the school on the mountain because there is no English teacher there. It’s a LDP special project and it will be started in March 1, I am so excited to teach children there and I believe that God will be guide me and give me wisdom.

Moreover, I am one of representatives from the church to sing in the praise choir team to compete in the contest. This is my first time and I am so excited. My family and I love singing. The contest will be in the end of March. Please pray for me, too.

Finally, may love and peace be with you and your family. Please take care of your health. I will pray for you. May God strengthens and bless you and your family,

With love in Christ,

Thiraporn Takham

December 2011

Dear Tracy Family,

Hello, sir. I am very glad to write you and your family again. How are you and your family? My family, my hostel friends and I are doing well. I thank you and your family so much for always supporting me. I have so many things to tell you in this letter. How is the weather in your country? In Thailand, the weather is cool and cold. Has your grandchild gone to school? This is December and it is very cold month. However, I am very happy because it is the month of Christmas. The Christians in this world rejoice to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I will join the evangelized team to bring good news of Jesus and do activities such as singing the Christmas carol and etc. in Umpang District. This district is quite far from my village. We are going to stay there for 3 days. Where will you and your family celebrate the Christmas?

On my school vacation, it was the funniest time for me because I learned so many things and gained so much knowledge. I attended the youth conference in Udornthani Province. It is the province in the northeastern Thailand. I was the representative of the part 19. I was one of the participants in the meeting. I was assigned to be the observant. I learned the processes of the conference of the CCT (Church of Christ Thailand) Youth. I met many new friends from many provinces. The first day, there were the performances of the youths from each province. We performed our performances to exchange our cultures. My friends and I were the representatives of the part 19 in attending the Bible competition. I did not prepare it because the senior let me do it in a sudden. I prayed asking God to lead me. I could do some of the tests and I also could not do some of the tests. I thought that it was good to review my knowledge and to learn the new things in the Bible. In the afternoon of the second day, every participant walked in a parade for saving the environment campaign. We also held a donation boxes for the flood victims with us while we walked in the parade. A lot of people donated their money to help the flood victims. In every evening, we had the worship. The pastor preached very well and funnily. I received a lot of blessings. The last day, we traveled and shopped for some souvenirs. We enjoyed ourselves so much.

On November 26, I attended the 2nd YPL camp together with CDSP children. It was fun. Thank God that the children from the first batch of this camp have more leadership skills and confidence. At the camp, there was the welcoming activity of the first and the second batches. There were 6 groups and they attended the activities at bases. Each base taught them about the leadership and God’s word. The camp site was very beautiful. The camp site was near the famous travel destination of Tak Povince. It was the waterfall. Its name is Pajaroen Waterfall. It is in Pob Phra District. Have you ever heard or known about this waterfall? My 6 friends and I are going to be our university’s representatives in attending the debate competition.  This debate is to express the opinions about driving on a road. The friends, who attend this competition with me, are both Hmong and Karen tribes. I think that God calls me to gain the life experiences.  I am going to attend this debate competition on December 21. Please kindly pray for me. My first semesters; GPA is not announce yet. There are other 3 subject that the teachers have not announced the grades. Thank God for leading my study for the whole semester. I think that the rest of the grades should be good. In this semester, I study 6 subjects. They are very difficult. I will do my best because I know that God always leads and gives me the wisdom. The teachers are lovely. They teach very well so I do not feel stressful. I am very happy studying I can laugh all the time.

Thank you such for sending me the Christmas gift. I have received it for 459.75 Baht. First of all, I will tithe. Then, I will spend the money on a sweater because the weather is very cold. The rest of the money, I will spend it on my educational expenses and I will save it in a piggy bank. Thanks God to much for offering so many good things to me.

I am very glad that the LDP teaches me to plan my life, my study, my serving, my daily life and my honesty in expenses. I am attending the English tuition as well because now, I am quite weak in English.

I have studied the lessons that the LDP sends me. Everything is the process to help me develop my leadership and strengthen my spiritual. I grow up in all aspects every day. I have the very good mentor, who always encourages me all the time. My mentor is very lovely. I feel warm when I meet her. We do activities together, exchange the things that we meet in our lives to each other and strengthen each other. Thank God for offering this best mentor to me.

My God bless you and your family in living the lives and in servings. I always pray for you. Please kindly pray for my study, my daily life and the terrible flood in Thailand.

Love in Christ,

Thiraporn Takham (Mary)



LDP Student Letter


September 19, 2011

Dear Tracy Family,

Hello, I’m so thankful to God because He has chosen you to continue sponsoring me. This is my privilege to be your sponsored child. I’m so glad for that and write this letter as well. I have many things to share to you, and I hope you enjoy my story and also excited. How are and your family? My family and I are doing well excluding my father has a cold.

Thank God for choosing me to be a part of LDP. Firstly, my family and I prayed to God about applying to the program and I made a decision to send the application form and there were only me and my friends from TAK cluster submitted the application forms and later on, my aunt told me that I passed the first round and I was so thankful even it was only the first round. Then, the second round was the interview process and I was called to this interview and I was very excited but I could go through it well and passed the second round. Next the third round was the selection camp. I had so much fun while I was there; I learned many things about God, His calling and His guiding. My friends and I who attended the camp also participated in the 6th batch graduation ceremony. We sang a special songs for them and they really enjoyed it because I saw their faces with smiling. I talked with my friends that we had to be like them in the future. There were many people congratulated with them. At the camp, we had other interesting activities such as game stations, worshiping, and devotion and studied Bible. After the camp, I was waiting for the final announcement to be enrolled in the LDP and I am selected to be the one LDP. Praise the Lord, The LDP family is very warm and well taking care for each other. I have been training to be a leader and I am supported in tuition fees, monthly expenses and I am taught to manage money, too.

Now, I study at Ratchabhat Kampoaengpech University, Maesod campus. I study in the faculty of education, English education major. I would like to give much thanks to God because I believe this is His will for me. He has chosen the good university for and it’s not far from my parents although it’s the small campus but I’m happy and glad to study her. I have many good friends and always help each. There are many Christian friends who study the same program as me and we have the care group on every Wednesday. We pray and encourage to each other.

I have 6 close friends although we are difference from each other but we get along well. I thank God for that. I go to the campus with Wa who I know her since I was young. We study in the same facility. We are difference, Wa is quite quiet but I’m quite rejoice. One day, one of my friends came to ask me that she would like to be joyful like me because she did not want stress but wanted to be happy all the time. I answered her that if we stressed or worried, we didn’t be happy. We should share happiness to friends or other people little by little such as smiling or encouraging. I prayed for her and now, she is happier and I thank God for that.

Now, I stay at the Mae Sod dormitory, it’s a Christian dormitory. There is about 50 children stay together with adults to take care of US. The older children will teach the younger children home works and the younger also respect and obey the older. We live with unity and worship God together. I have one younger girl to take care like a mentorship. Her name is Wi. She is sweet and neat but she often stress and discouraged so she loves talking to me and I always encourage her and pray for her.

On 25-29 August, we had a sport day for freshman in order to build good relationship among us. I joined the sport competition in jumping rope and running with a big bag. It was funny because I was the smallest runner and the big bag was as high as me but I was the winner. It was so much fun on that day. What is your favorite sport? Do you have this kind of competition in your Country? Do you like it?

I attend the Sunday service at the first church of Maesod and I have a mentor there to take care of me and giving me advices. My mentor is Thip. She is nice and has strong spiritual life and I have the senior LDP to be a mentor as well, her name is Dada. Her character is like me and we get along well to each other.  She is the 9th batch (I’m the 10th batch). I am a worship leader and a Sunday school teacher at church.

How is the weather in your Country? The weather here is in the rainy season especially in the central part of Thailand, there is a lot of rain and it is floods. There are some lands crushed in some areas. They are in big troubles so please pray for us. I believe God is in control and please pray for my family, my life and my studying, too.

I hope you are happy when you read my letter and I will share you more next letter. Finally may God bless you and your family in your works and everything and please send my regards to brother and sister, too.

Love in Christ,

Thiraporn Takham